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Welcome to the world of Peruvian born and raised artist, Daniella Manini. Known for her ability to embody the magic of the ocean, Daniella now resides in Southern California with her family. She counts Billabong, Patagonia, Amuse Society and Volcom as some of the labels she has worked on – not a bad line up for a self-taught artist who has an educational background in Advertising.

Daniella’s natural eye for design was cultivated from a young age. As a young girl she collected Pantone books her Dad gave her and thought of them as her little treasures. Not surprisingly, she has an instinctive love and talent for creating colourways.

Her trademark style centres around a lifelong love of the ocean, in particular the beaches of Encinitas which holds a special place in Daniella’s heart. Missing her hometown Lima, seaside living in Encinitas made Daniella feel at ease. This became the focal inspiration for her work and is perhaps why her pieces radiate such good vibes.

We had a chat to this talented Mama about her coastal lifestyle, family and work. Interview best read whilst listening to Bob Marley...

Please tell us a bit about you:

I was born and raised in Lima Peru.  I moved to California in 2004. I am a Mom to Noah who is now 3. I am also a step mom of Gus and Georgia. I am a freelance creative director and artist and have been designing for 20 years now. I also have an online shop where I sell my prints and I love what I do.

Your gorgeous artwork often centres around the ocean. What does a beach lifestyle mean to you and your family?

The beach is our to go place. We all love it. The ocean is everything to us. is our inspiration and it always makes us smile and puts us on a good mood.


Do you have any rituals when you create?

I like to sketch some ideas and let them bake for a little bit on my note book. I also like to clean my desktop quite often and clear my head by cleaning my office before I start a project. I like to listen to audiobooks while I create. One of my favourite things to do is to pick a colour palette too.



Has becoming a mother changed or influenced your creativity?

I am not sure of how but when Noah was born all I wanted to do was kids stuff! Now that he is bigger he inspires me to be more present with what I am doing and I love to show him what I am creating and see his reaction to it. It makes me happy.

What would you be doing if not an artist?

I think I would have been a whale haha. Maybe and interior designer or an architect.


More of Daniella's amazing artwork can be found via www.daniellamanini.com


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